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This is not how I wanted my first school semester to be like.

Ok, picking up from my last entry, I said that I wasn't going to tell you the surprise...well here it is. My friend said that she couldn't take me and my other friends to AUSA because of financial problems... I decided that my mom and I could take them.

I had it all planned out and everything was going to go perfectly and we would all have fun...but everything changed when school started.

We all went back on Tuesday, rumor had it that our school was hosting auditions for a musical, but I'll talk about that later.

I didn't have the greatest Sophomore year and I promised myself things would change. Good grades, no drama and no fighting at home.

By the next day, I was worried, because I had show choir this year, it takes up a lot of my time and I didn't want it to get in the way of AUSA. Luckily however, my teacher had not scheduled anything on that weekend. Yay!

(Here's where that rumor thing I mentioned earlier comes back) At the end of the day, it was announced that our school would be doing Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I thought to myself, Awesome! I should definitely sign up for that.

Things went down hill from the time I got home. I told my mom that there was nothing scheduled on the weekend of the anime con and then I told her that my school would be doing Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Though I told her all this great news, she still wanted to see my show choir schedule. She new that the convention was on Nov 18th through the 20th. When she looked at the was Beauty and the Beast.

So now I had to come down with an extremely hard decision...Anime USA or Beauty and the Beast?

On one hand AUSA:

I had planned on going to this for months
I had never gone to a con with my three friends
A lot of voice actors I wanted to meet were going to be there
From what I heard, Anime USA is amazing!
This was an extension to my friends Bday present (the one with financial problems)
It was during my Bday
And more...

On the other hand Beauty and the Beast:

I love the play and movie
I had a chance at getting a major part (aiming for the Beast)
It cost no money
I went to my high school for this kind of thing
It looks good on a college application
And more...

With this on my shoulders I had many fights with my mom. To me it seemed like all she wanted me to do was the play regardless of my commitment on going to the convention, but that wasn't true.

In the end, my mom came to a decision that if my friends got an absolute, definite, 100% sure agreement on going to the convention, because for some reason my mom has the impression that they weren't that excited on going and was afraid that they would say yes and bail out at the last minute.

By the end of the weekend, all my friends gave my mom and I their word from them and their parents that they would attend AUSA.

I thought everything was going great. I was going to AUSA with my friends even though I was missing the play, but I thought that wasn't a big deal. Everything was fine until this afternoon.

At this point I am addressing the three friends I let down

Today my mom came home acting very off, I shouldn't have asked her what was wrong, She was upset that I didn't take the option of the play.

My mom's points:

There won't be another chance like this play
She loathes northern Virginia (where the con is) due to the fact that she goes there every day for work
She doesn't understand my whole anime "fad" (I'd rather we go with a parent who at least understands it a little)
She would be all alone in the hotel
She loves Beauty and the Beast
There are other anime cons to go to

I'm not trying to make my mom seem like the bad guy here but she said she would go out of her way just to make me happy. She basically said that her thoughts didn't matter and that she is just a chauffeur to me and my friends.

I felt awful.

And a lot of my mom's points make sense.

If you are one of my three friends who I promised a fun weekend to, I'm sorry to post that I'm canceling our trip and signing up for my school's play

I know you probably won't forgive me, but all I can say is that from the very depths of my heart, I'm sorry.
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